“Nuevo Mexico Prospera” Launches Campaign to Support Federal THRIVE Economic Recovery and Infrastructure Package

Coalition of Grassroots Economic, Social and Environmental Justice Groups Say THRIVE Agenda Would Transform State Economy

Albuquerque, NM—A coalition of grassroots economic, social and environmental justice organizations today announced the launch of a statewide campaign to promote the federal THRIVE Agenda.  The virtual Nuevo Mexico Prospera THRIVE Rally will be held March 31 from 6:30-7:30 pm and representatives of the New Mexico’s Congressional delegation will be represented at the event.

The new coalition Nuevo Mexico Prospera is made up of organizations from around the state working to diversify the state’s economy while creating thousands of jobs for communities most impacted by climate change.  Congresswoman Teresa Leger Fernandez will kick-off the event, which will include representatives from Senators Heinrich and Lujan, and perspectives from front line workers and community members from throughout the state.

A recent analysis Job Creation Estimates for New Mexico through US THRIVE Agenda, shows that the proposed THRIVE Agenda, which prioritizes investments in clean energy and climate solutions as well as care infrastructure would generate almost 55,000 jobs in New Mexico and 15 million jobs nationally.

The THRIVE Agenda advocates for $1 trillion per year of investments in climate solutions and care infrastructure and prioritizing racial and economic justice in the process. This would be a larger, more ambitious proposal than what President Biden has thus far proposed.

“The members of the Nuevo Mexico Prospera movement represent thousands of New Mexicans from all over the state, many of whom will be directly affected by our transition to a more diverse and sustainable economy,” said Isaac De Luna with the Center for Civic Policy.  “The THRIVE Agenda centers these affected communities in our strategy and investment for a just transition.”

“The THRIVE Agenda offers an important opportunity to create thousands of jobs in NM if our national leaders support an economic recovery package that prioritizes jobs in climate and care and emphasize racial and economic justice,” said Artemisio Romero y Carver with YUCCA Action, one of the coalition members of the initiative and local branch of the Sunrise Movement.

“By investing in new industries such as wind and solar power, building retrofits and energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture and more, as well as the care economy, we can rebuild our economy, while addressing urgent crises like climate change and racial injustice,” said Joseph Hernandez with the Native American Voters Alliance Education Project.

The report on the job creation opportunity for New Mexico and nationally can be found at:  PERI – State-Level Employment Impacts of Proposed National THRIVE Agenda
For more information on the March 31 Time to Thrive Day of Action as well as all of the grassroots activity taking place during the congressional recess, visit https://timetothrive.org.



Monday, March 29, 2021


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